SIRES ON ICE is an independent, privately owned company, specialising in providing a complete Stud Dog management system combining all the logostical needs of Frozen Semen.


This includes; Collections and Freezing; Importation; Exportation; Transport (Domestic and International); and Storage


And when it comes to our team of Greyhound Stud Dogs, we not only exclusively have some of the leading Sires in Australia but we also have Frozen Semen of some of the champions of yesteryear.


Combine that with our state-of-the-art Laboratory facility which ensures your valuable Brood Bitch is Progesterone tested and then served at the optimum time, and its no wonder that SIRES ON ICE is recognised as a world leader in its field


·       Worldwide International and Domestic Transport

·       Quarantine Inspections

·       Export/Import Paperwork

·       Worldwide Collection, Freezing and Transport Logistics

·       Frozen Semen Collections and Freeze

·       Chilled Semen Collections

·       Mobile Collections – (At Shows or at the Kennel)

·       Artificial Inseminations

·       Progesterone Testing

·       Complete Online Stud Dog Management System

·       Personalized Semen Inventory

·       International Semen Storage Facilities

Sires On Ice provides services to assist with semen exportation, importation, collection and freezing, storage and all other frozen semen logistical needs. We can assist you with arranging frozen semen from overseas, through stages of collection, freeze and paperwork preparation for import adhering to necessary import requirements. Sires On Ice can arrange import permits on your behalf ensuring your privacy is maintained at all times.


Sires On Ice frequently relocate semen domestically to and from various facilities worldwide and we have storage facilities available in Australia and the USA.


Sires On Ice can assist you with the importation of semen from locations throughout the world. Having bred and shown dogs for many years ourselves, we understand the importance of introducing new and exciting lines to your gene pool. We assist in taking the time and stress out of import procedures by making application on behalf of clients for permits to import quarantine material.


Sires On Ice takes all possible care in the handling and storage of your dog’s semen including all reasonable precautions for the safety of the semen at all times. Sires On Ice transports your frozen semen in specifically designed cryogenic liquid nitrogen vapor tanks/shippers which provide the maximum possible safety throughout the shipping process.


Individual or joint shipments can be arranged, Where possible we can arrange group shipments with others in order to share expenses and reduce the overall costs for our clients. We can also arrange urgent shipments upon request.


Sires On Ice can assist you with the exportation of semen to any location throughout the world, government conditions pertaining. Sires On Ice appoints only recognized freight and airline companies to transport this precious cargo and ensure that contact is maintained with all agencies and government bodies until the shipment reaches its intended destination.


Our ability to collect, freeze and store semen from our dogs has been a welcomed addition to the breeding program of breeders all over the world. There are a number of reasons why one would choose to freeze canine semen; perhaps the most important reason is to preserve particular lines and genetic virtues for future use.


Semen freeze and storage is not only a valuable tool to protect against loss, death or infertility, it also allows for the transport of genetic material around the world, consequently increasing the gene pool within a breed and allowing breeders access to genes they might not otherwise be able to utilize.


Our mission at Sires On Ice is to assist breeders by providing superior service and commitment to each and every movement, and assisting you in answering any questions you may have. Sires On Ice can assist you with all your transport, storage and logistical needs both locally, and internationally.


With offices based in Australia and the United States plus contractors throughout Europe, New Zealand and the UK, we can assist you with frozen semen worldwide. Our stud register provides an online, easy access tool to find studs throughout the world and maintain your inventory wherever in the world the semen may be stored.

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